The Everyday Rosary
                                    ...An audio CD set featuring the Joyful, Luminous,
                                                                                        Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries.

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CD Tracks
The Holy Rosary--Disc One

1.   Joyful Mysteries Opening Prayers
2.   The Annunciation to Mary
3.   The Visitation of Mary
4.   The Nativity of our Lord
5.   The Presentation of our Lord
6.   The Finding in the Temple
7.   Joyful Mysteries Closing Prayers

8.   Luminous Mysteries Opening Prayers
9.   The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan
10.   The Wedding Feast at Cana
11.   The Proclamation of the Kingdom
12.   The Transfiguration of the Lord
13.   The Institution of the Eucharist
14.   Luminous Mysteries Closing Prayers

15.    Sorrowful Mysteries Opening Prayers
16.    The Agony in the Garden
17.    The Scourging at the Pillar
18.    The Crowning with Thorns
19.    The Carrying of the Cross
20.    The Crucifixion of our Lord
21.    Sorrowful Mysteries Closing Prayers

22.    Glorious Mysteries Opening Prayers
23.    The Resurrection of our Lord
24,    The Ascension of our Lord
25.    The Descent of the Holy Spirit
26.    The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
27.    The Coronation of Mary
28.    Glorious Mysteries Closing Prayers       

Bonus CD--Disc Two

  1.   The History of the Rosary
  2.   Fifteen Promises of the Rosary
  3.   Novena to Mary
  4.   The Memorare
  5.   The Magnificat
  6.   Jesus, the Bread of Life
  7.   Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  8.   Prayer to St. Joseph
  9.   Prayer to St. Peregrine
10.   Prayer to St. Michael
11.   Novena to St. Jude
12.   Morning Offering
13.   Prayer Before a Crucifix
14.   Act of Contrition
15.   Evening Prayer
16.   Novena to St. Anthony
17.   Prayer to St. Gerard
18.   Prayer to My Guardian Angel

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