The Everyday Rosary
                                    ...An audio CD set featuring the Joyful, Luminous,
                                                                                        Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries.

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Listener Reviews
My friends to whom I gave your Rosary CDs for Christmas gifts really loved them!  The music and gentle pacing, plus the reading of the biblical passage before each mystery, is what really impressed them.  Thank you again for making this CD; many people will return to the Rosary, and Mary is so pleased!

Ann M. Healey, Cleveland, OH

I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your CD is!  I was overwhelmed with emotions when I played it earlier.  Monsignor gave me one a few days ago.  It gave me chills as I listened to it!  I can only imagine how many lives this CD will impact.  It is truly beautiful and I know it is the best gift that I will give or receive this wonderful Christmas season.

Trudy Svrcek, Charlotte, NC

This intelligent, accessible and compassionate package helps me with a breadth of things; from religious education and coping with ill friends, to becoming a stronger Catholic and parish participant.  I listen while I am doing dishes, cleaning, or at quiet times in the morning or before dinner.

Patrick Hayden, Windsor, VT

I have so enjoyed my Everyday Rosary and find great comfort and peace from listening to it!  I have my CD in my car and play it all the time when driving.  I just love the peacefulness if brings to me.

Helen Graves, Houston, TX
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